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Gravitational waves in question (34)

Introduction. The dreaming up and realization of the LIG Observatory is a fantastic achievement, worthy of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2017. However, questions/problems such as the one about the true nature of gravity, the LIGO “strange noise” observation problem, … Continue reading

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Missing mass/energy in the universe is not dark but light (31)

In addition to previous posts (15 and 18 in particular) I suggest the possibility that missing mass/energy in the universe is not dark but actually light and therefore in fact not missing at all. I’ll explain why there is no empty … Continue reading

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Was the signal observed by LIGO really a gravitational wave or is there an alternative explanation? (30)

In previous posts I have explained why I think that gravitational waves do not exist and cannot come into existence. In short I have a combination of two arguments on which I base my conviction that the signal observed by LIGO … Continue reading

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