Space-time is velocity (36)


In his book “A brief History of time” (Chapter 8, “The Origin and Fate of the Universe”)  Stephen Hawking  describes how in Euclidean space-time there is no difference between the directions of time and the directions of space.

The theoretical consequences of this concept imply that freedom of travel of light and for the transmission of energy or information applies to all directions of space-time. Any event therefore, originating in a particular point at a particular moment, will unfold histories from that point and that moment on into each and every direction.

I think Hawking’s idea can help Physics and Cosmology to get out of the impasse they are in and get rid of tunnel visions (see for instance post 26).

In this post I consider the consequences of describing space-time from other perspectives than the standard views, about which I have strong doubts, and their compatibility with the Euclidean view.
This post is written within the scope of endogenous changes, leaving exogenous changes out for the sake of proper distinction.


The speed of light is independent of the speed of the source. Apparently the velocity of propagation of light does exist already, being present continuously. As such, being a continuity, it can be considered a fundamental property of the world. Actually the energy in question is not so much emitted, it is transmitted.
As explained in post 12 the speed of light is not constant, it is variable; moreover the speed of light is not independent of the mass of the source and the distance from the source (the space between the source and the energy of the light transmitted),  which implies a change of time.

Looking at the processes going on in the universe endogenously, there is no rest, everything moves and, as explained in previous posts, there is no 0-entropy.
Examples of human contrivance like length, width and height do not play a role. Continuously a process is going on of changes in the ratios between Space, Time, Mass and Energy (see also post 6).

Everything moves, how does it work?
Length, width and height do not work, but Space and Time are taking part  continuously in universal processes in all directions as described above. As such Space stands for distance, no matter in what direction, the same directions of Time in Euclidean Space-Time.


I conclude that in Hawking’s Euclidean space-time, replacing length, width and height by space,  Space-Time, more specifically Space÷Time, works as velocity. By adding Mass and Energy the four dimensions are replaced by four fundamental properties of the world, the true agents of endogenous processes in the universe.

Update (August 18, 2020)

The endogenous processes as meant in this post and  as described in posts 29 and 33 are stochastic within the constraint of the constant C.

Update (April 11, 2021)

Dimensions are not agents.

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