Abacadebris (35)

What happens in the LHC (Large Hadron Collider)? In a  ring-shaped tunnel debris is examined, produced from debris (from the presumed Big Bang) in an exogenous process, that is by means of an input of external energy.

I wonder if the methodology used is leading us to the goals pursued: finding solid answers to questions like “what is the universe made of?”; “how does it behave and why does it behave like that?”; “are there fundamental building blocks and if so, what are they?”; “how do they interact and how do they determine the properties of the universe?”.

So far the results are reasonably n line with the Standard Model of particle physics and Quantum Mechanics, consistent with Special Relativity, but not yet firmly set in General Relativity. Also  theoretical aspects of Supersymmetry (SUSY)/Superpartners  have not yet been dealt with satisfactorily. Furthermore there is no certainty that o-entropy is a possibility. And there is String Theory trying to combine gravity and the strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions into one theory of particle physics. So far without solid results.

In previous posts I have explained why I think the difference between endogenous and exogenous processes should be taken into account in physics, why I don’t think 0-entropy is a possibility, why I think a singularity is an impossibility  and why I think the Higgs boson is a misconception.

Notwithstanding  still existing  indistinctnesses, the search for the Higgs boson being behind us, already a new goal  has been set to try and test the theory that predicts a whole range of particles that have not been seen yet but would have been produced during the Big Bang. Looks like tunnel vision to me.

As I understand it particle physics seemingly is losing its marbles. What is the nature of what one thinks has been examined, is being examined, is going to be examined? Debris from what?

I cannot but conclude that the Collider’s methodology is abacadebris.

Update (October 8, 2019): considering that particles are mass and waves are energy,  the term particle-wave duality is just another way of expressing that mass and energy are the same.

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