Beware of suggestive changes of information (32)


In post 13 (March 2011) I have explained why I think that gravity is not an emergent phenomenon but a continuity, in contrast with Erik Verlinde’s idea of emergent gravity.
n post 31 (September 2016) I have explained why there is always at least almost nothing everywhere.

The idea of emergent gravity means that gravity emerges from the changes of fundamental bits of information. As this process is supposed to abide by the second law of thermodynamics, emergent gravity is also referred to as entropic gravity.

In this post I like to elaborate further on whether gravity abides by the second law of thermodynamics  or whether entropy is gravitational. Also whether gravity is discontinuous or continuous.

Is gravity entropic or is entropy gravitational?

In situations where there is only a wee bit of energy/mass present in the universe time runs extremely fast. As explained in posts 20 and 25 time-differences between for instance the core of a Black Hole and its more outwardly situated areas are enormous, resulting in big differences in temperature and therefore big thermodynamic effects. Time-differences are related to differences in mass and therefore differences in gravitational influence. This means that entropy as thermodynamic property is result of thermodynamic effects caused by differences in gravitational influence. In other words: entropy is gravitational.

Is gravity discontinuous or continuous?

The effects of time-differences also imply that a singularity (a real Black Hole) cannot come into existence nor a state of 0-entropy. Time is variant and continuous, it cannot run infinite fast or infinite slow.  As explained in posts 5 and 6  continuously a process is going on in the universe , everywhere and in each direction, of changes in the ratios between mass, energy, space and time, properties of the world/decisive factors which shape the world endogenously, being generic and not independent, their proportions being fully interrelated, continuously changing each other’s proportions, under the constraint of a constant and continuous C (C=T/M x E/S). Time is continuous, so is gravity and so is entropy as gravitational effect.

Zeno’s paradox of the race between Achilles and the tortoise.

To end this post I like to explain why in Zeno’s paradox of the race between Achilles and the tortoise Achilles can’t even catch up with the tortoise. The way it is made impossible for Achilles to catch up with the tortoise is twofold: the process is made discontinuous  and time delays to infinite slow.


I am afraid that emergent has become a buzzword lately, coming in handy as Newtonian “In no time” and Einstein’s “Time is an illusion” are not very helpful in cause-effect process descriptions.

To be continued.


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