Missing mass/energy in the universe is not dark but light (31)

In addition to previous posts (15 and 18 in particular) I suggest the possibility that missing mass/energy in the universe is not dark but actually light and therefore in fact not missing at all. I’ll explain why there is no empty space in the universe as there always is at least almost nothing everywhere.

Dark Matter/Energy is mass/energy that is missing because it is unaccounted for due to the use of wrong parameters. The arguments on which I base this statement have been explained comprehensively in previous posts, like the speed of light not being constant, the difference between endogenous and exogenous processes, the space-time curvature delusion, the nothing delusion, the impossibility for a singularity to exist or for entropy to be zero, etc. Now , in addition to these views, I’ll bring forward my ideas with regard to seemingly empty space actually containing a lot of extra energy/mass implying a lot of extra gravitational influence.

When light/radiation is invading spaces into directions where the influence of gravitation is decreasing to almost zero while time is accelerating, its energy/mass decreases to almost nothing (its wavelengths becoming almost infinite long) and its speed increases extremely (see also post 12 in particular). This process is comparable with accelerating masses emitting energy, the true source of CMB as I have suggested in previous posts.

When light/radiation goes into other (opposite) directions where the gravitational influence is increasing while time is delaying, its energy/mass increases (its wavelengths becoming shorter) and its speed decreases.


There is vastly more light mass/energy in the universe than is taken into account generally.

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