“Black Hole in center of Milky Way may be a neutrino factory” (NASA). Why not? An explanation of the possible emission and nature of the neutrinos in question (25)

In my previous post 24 I have described the consequences of the endogenous process of the behavior of electrons in an atom that is being absorbed by a Black Hole.
In this post I am dealing with the possible consequence of this process in cases whereby the “struggle” between the increasing gravitational influence and the increasing counterforce of electromagnetic interaction are reaching a certain limit.

At a certain point in time (see also post21) an electron in the lowest orbit has lost almost all of its mass and energy and is revolving around the nucleus at very high speed. As suggested in post 21 the electron while losing almost all of its mass and energy is losing its charge at the same time. I suggest the possibility that the electron, once its speed has become too extreme, it escapes from the atom out of its orbit and is fully subjected then to the gravitational influence of the Black Hole. This means that if the electron, already highly “slimmed down”, happens to be outward bound to the outside of the Black Hole, it is subjected to further time-acceleration and further loss of mass at a still further increasing speed (see also posts 12, 16, 19 and 20).

So my suggestion is that neutrinos endogenously emitted by Black Holes are very “skinny” ex-electrons. The electrons have lost their electromagnetic properties. This loss of information is forever, because of the irreversibility of the abovementioned process. There is no information paradox.

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