The problems in physics (22)

Particles, quanta or quantasy?

No basis for quanta

In posts 1 – 12 and 17 I have explained why quanta need not exist, why there is no basis for their existence.
There are two main arguments:
1. The way light behaves under the influence of gravitation shows that the amount of energy that can be emitted or absorbed by a body is finite because of the self-regulating mechanism of the continuous relation between the body’s mass and time;
2. The difference between endogenous and exogenous processes.

The relativity of the General Theory of Relativity

Speed of light not constant in vacuum

In post 12 I have explained why the speed of light varies with position under the influence of gravitation.

Space-time curvature delusion

In posts 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 21 I have enunciated the idea that gravitation is not the consequence of space-time being curved by the division of mass and energy in it (always resulting in a force of attraction) but the consequence of a continuous relation between mass and time (resulting in a force of attraction or repulsion). When one turns on a light, the speed of light does not emerge, it is already present.

Equivalence Principle updated

In posts 9 and 15 Einstein’s Equivalence Principle has been updated in consistency with the difference between endogenous and exogenous processes.

Introduction of Time Uncertainty Principle

In posts 16 and 18 I have introduced the Time Uncertainty Principle which means that it is impossible to measure time/distance relations with absolute certainty. This intrinsic uncertainty of time is an inescapable property of the world. Consequently, in combination with the speed of light being variant, cosmological measurements as to the age of universe, the total mass of the universe etc. are incorrect.

Big Bang Theory out of date

In posts 6, 14, 18 and 20 I have explained why it is impossible for singularities to exist and why the universe is both finite and unbounded. Consequently the universe has no beginning and no ending, it is eternal.


It seems to me that the best way to solve the problems in physics is to go back to basics.

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