Gravitation, consequence of a continuous relation between mass and time (11)

The Black Hole Information Paradox: it ain’t necessarily so

The Information Paradox deals with the question whether information which is absorbed by a Black Hole is lost for ever or may stay intact and even get clear one day. With regard to the definition of this problem I restrict myself to the nature of particles and their natural properties, the Information Paradox being a quantum physical problem after all. If waves are the only carriers of information, it goes without saying that information is lost for ever in a Black Hole. After some time information is garbled anyhow in space; that’s why in the Search for Extraterrestial Information (SETI-project), the search is specifically aimed at conspicuous changes in carrier-waves as such.

As explained in post 9 (“Time and energy”), gravitation brings about another kind of acceleration/slowing-down than the general acceleration/slowing-down caused by an increase/decrease of energy-boost. Light approaching earth gets more energy under the impact of gravitation. Light leaving earth looses energy. Under the impact of gravitation time delays or accelerates. These time-effects happen to light also when approaching or leaving earth. Since C is constant and continuous, time-delay reduces the wave-lengths of light, in other words increases it’s frequency/energy. When light is leaving earth, time-acceleration enlarges the wave-lengths, decreases the frequency/energy. This behavior of light under the impact of gravitation, is in accordance with the results of numerous observations.
If light also consists of photons, one may expect that the energy/mass of such particles, when approaching earth, increases under the impact of gravity, notwithstanding the fact that their energy/mass is already maximal at the speed of light. When they are leaving earth one may expect that their energy/mass decreases. Such behavior has never been confirmed by any observation.

Taking the line that gravitons do not exist (post 2 ” Gravitational waves do not exist”) and that photons are of a very questionable nature (post 10 “The cosmological constant revised” and post 9 “Time and energy”) and that Max Planck’s quantum hypothesis is obsolete (post 8 “Quantum physics unsettled”), one may suppose that there are waves only. On the ground of this supposition it stands to reason that information which is absorbed by a Black Hole is lost for ever.

To be continued.

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