Gravitation, consequence of a continuous relation between mass and time (6)

C = T/M x E/S.

The speed of light is equal to the quotient of space travelled by light and time passed meanwhile: C = S/T. Energy is equal to the product of mass and the square of the speed of light: E = MC² (Einstein). The latter formula does not reckon with space and time. By introducing space and time into it we get E = MS²/T² or E = MCS/T.

Because of the fact that the speed of light is defined as a constant, we take it that the relation between space and time is also constant (C = S/T). Therefore we suppose that time-delay  always implies a comparatively longer distance and vice versa. We also take it that the ratio between E and M is constant (E/M = C²). However, if we use the formula E = MCS/T or C = T/M x E/S, other possibilities arise. Like for instance the combination of all four variable dimensions*) whereby gain of time coincides with expanding space, decreasing mass and increasing energy, like our expanding universe, accelerating because of the gain of time and attended by the microwave background radiation (C = T-/M- x E+/S+).
Another combination to be considered is shrinking space, increasing mass, time-delay and decreasing energy (C = T+/M+ x E-/S-).

In these endogenous, gravitational processes there is no change of momentum. In the case of the earth running around the sun for instance the mass of the earth decreases whereas its speed increases proportionally (see post 2).

In the universe continuously a process is going on, everywhere and in each direction, of changes in the ratios between mass, energy, space and time. Whatever these changes may be and whatever proportions these dimensions may bear to one another, the result must always be the same, C. This is an inescapable property of the world, to which the four variable dimensions are fully subjected. Hence it is impossible for singularities to exist and for the universe not to be finite. C is not only a constant, it is also a continuity. Because S is finite and C is continuous, space-time is both finite and unbounded. Consequently the universe has no beginning and no ending. In other words, the universe is eternal.

Properties of the world/decisive factors which shape the world endogenously, being generic and not independent, their proportions being fully interrelated, continuously changing each other’s proportions.

To be continued.

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