Gravitation, consequence of a continuous relation between mass and time (5)

E = MCC. C is a constant and C is a continuity

We take the line that the speed of light is always the same in any event and in each direction. Consequently a pulse of light, emitted at a particular point at a particular moment, will spread out as time goes by from that point and from that moment on as a sphere of light, whose size and position are fully independent of the lightsource’s speed. This means that energy which has been transformed into light, is carried away at the speed of light from any point and any moment of its origination in any direction. Energy cannot however obtain the speed of light in no time.
Apparently there is some kind of influence through which  energy is transmitted at any moment from any point in space in all directions at the speed of light in the form of waves, the frequencies of which depend on the amount of energy transmitted. This is comparable to the way the frequencies of lightwaves, approaching earth, are intensified under the influence of the earth’s mass.
Obviously such an influence is not only constant by nature, being the same in any event and in every direction, but also active at all times and everywhere and therefore continuous. Continuous implies: has always existed and will always remain.

To be continued.

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