Gravitation, consequence of a continuous relation between mass and time (4)

Quantum physics unsettled?

In my previous three posts three commonly accepted views on the goings-on in space-time have been brought up for discussion. 

A new definition for gravitation has been proposed.
The idea that dimensions like lenght, width and height bear relevance in space-time has been renounced.
By introducing time as an important factor in a new context, an element of predictability has been entered into competition with the unpredictability of quantum physics.

Firstly mass and time have been interconnected causally.
Secondly this causality has been placed within the scope of the four dimensions mass, energy, space and time.
Thirdly an opening has been made towards a discussion about the inexorability of Max Planck’s quantum hypothesis. To this end the properties of C are down for consideration first.

To be continued.

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