Gravitation, consequence of a continuous relation between mass and tme (3)

No dice in space-time

Changes of energy or mass in space-time continuously lead to changes in the division of mass and energy, which changes again cause mass and energy to change etc. Changes in the course of time continuously form part of these processes. Time runs slower as the impact of mass and energy increases, whereas time runs faster as the presence of mass and energy is diminishing. In this way changes in (the division of) mass and energy in space-time are attended by changes in the course of time. Taking into account that the continuous relation between mass and time, dependent on how mass and energy are divided in space-time, causes the directions in space-time only to differ from each other as to the course of time (relatively slow or relatively fast), the freedom of travel through space for light and consequently also for the transmission of energy or information, applies to all directions in space-time. Hence there is no difference between the directions of time and the directions in space. Any event therefore, originating in a particular point at a particular moment, will unfold histories from that point and that moment on into each and every direction. Events moreover will develop faster into directions where the course of time is relative fast and slower into directions where the effects of mass and energy are relative strong and the course of time therefore is relative slow.
Apparently developments of histories of events in space-time are predictable to a certain extent and therefore not subject to mere chance. Likely this applies also to events on a (sub)atomic scale.
The effects of time on events may also explain why big massive star-systems contain comparatively few new-born stars, the course of events being relative slow due to the presence of big masses. Furthermore the effects of time may be the answer to the question why the universe appears to be lopsided.

To be continued.

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