Gravitation, consequence of a continuous relation between mass and time

The space-time-curvature delusion

The general theory of relativity predicts that light is deflected by gravitational fields. Time is subject to mass also i.e. time runs slower as gravitational impact grows and vice versa. These predictions have been proven correct.

Gravitation is considered to be the effect of space-time being curved by the division of mass and energy in it. In his Special Theory of Relativity Einstein wrote: “A curvature of rays of light can only take place when the velocity of propagation of light varies with position”. By introducing gravitation as a consequence of space-time curvature in his General Theory of Relativity, Einstein made it possible for the speed of light to be constant.  If a ray of light, at constant speed, follows a curved and therefore longer path under the influence of gravitation, it is only logic that it’s travelling time increases or, in other words, time is slowing down (Shapiro-effect).

Both phenomena, curved path and time-delay, do raise the question whether a curved path is cause or effect of time-delay. According to the principle of general relativity, signals or bodies always move along straight lines through the four-dimensional space-time. However, since space-time is curved by the division of mass and energy in it, to us signals and bodies seem to move along warped tracks in our three-dimensional world. If a curve turns into a ram-course, a body or the energy of a signal will collide with/will be absorbed by the mass under the influence of which it came. Whether we look at such an event from a four-dimensional or a three-dimensional view does not matter, the result is the same.
The relation between gravitation and time-change has been proven real by means of atomic chronometers. The deflection of light rays under the impact of gravity, like the sun’s, has been confirmed by many observations. Time-delay generated at the same time makes the observation place shift during the consequent time-difference. Hence it goes without saying that light rays seem to be deflected.
In a space-time which is not necessarily curved by the division of mass and energy in it, we may consider gravitation as a consequence of a continuous relation between mass and time.

To be continued

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